Relo Metrics Launches Relo Census: A First-of-its-Kind Data Set for Sports Marketing for Rights Holders, Brands, Agencies, and Media Companies

Nov 7, 2023 8:00:00 AM News & Updates

Relo Census - Press Release

Census-level dataset and platform allow stakeholders to accurately benchmark performance, identify market trends, and gather real-time competitive intelligence for increased ROI


SANTA MONICA, Calif.--()--Relo Metrics (formerly GumGum Sports), the leading AI-powered sponsorship analytics platform for real-time data decisions, is announcing Relo Census, the first sports sponsorship valuation data set and methodology offering broadcast and social media sponsor valuation for all assets and brands of all games in the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, and MLS to start. Relo Census removes traditional barriers that have impacted sports sponsorship decision-making, allowing agencies, brand rights holders (teams and leagues), and media companies to benchmark performance, identify trends in the market, and gather real-time competitive intelligence about their sports sponsorship portfolios.

“The sports marketing market is ready for a currency-grade data set that unlocks value at a granular level for all parts of the ecosystem; this means valuing everything that is on camera during a broadcast and in social media”

Relo Census allows users to drill down and compare specific team-to-team or placement-to-placement performance between different sports and between all the brands present in sports to make smarter sponsorship deals and execution. Offering the most comprehensive set of sponsorship data about every team, brand, and asset across all major U.S. sports leagues, Relo Census removes data from their silos to deliver overarching visibility to all stakeholders in the sports ecosystem. Relo Census is now available via a new software interface, an API, and in the Snowflake data marketplace.

These are key steps in the path for creating a transactional currency in sports marketing and sponsorship that are based on brand integration vs. advertising.

“The sports marketing market is ready for a currency-grade data set that unlocks value at a granular level for all parts of the ecosystem; this means valuing everything that is on camera during a broadcast and in social media,” said Jay Prasad, CEO of Relo Metrics. “The current data available to date doesn’t provide the granularity required to make accurate decisions about placements, nor the ability to surface and report on macro-level trends such as share of voice between brands, value provided by sports teams, down to actual placements in a timely manner, or allow you to see what returns could be achieved with other teams in other leagues. Relo Metrics has made significant investments in our data capture and computer vision AI technologies to address these marketplace gaps and launch something with scale, and the result is Relo Census.”

Using Relo Census, agencies and brands can more easily maximize their return on sponsorship investments, comparing placements within or between leagues to make more informed partnership decisions based on competitive intelligence.

“Measurement needs to keep pace with the growing sophistication in sports marketing. Relo Metrics' innovative technology and significant scale have allowed Optimum Sports to dig into sponsorship measurement beyond traditional restraints,” Tom McGovern, President, Optimum Sports, said. “The Relo Census product offers a look into categories and competitive brand activity that supplements our research and analytics capabilities. In a space that traditionally lacks data transparency, Relo Census is a great data source to help inform us of trends and support our decision-making.”

Rights holders and leagues will also see tremendous benefit from Relo Census. Teams can filter and benchmark by region or their league to understand where they excel and their opportunities at both of those levels. They can also look at the entire nation to understand trends and see which brands across all sports within a category, like automotive or travel, have actual valuation data for each placement that is driving the overall numbers.

Media companies that hold media rights to sports and are also brands themselves with sponsorships for streaming services have use cases to leverage this data as buyers and sellers of sponsorships, including complex virtual executions and content integrations into programming.

Organizations can access the census data through Relo’s intuitive, easy-to-use AI-driven platform. Users can leverage the platform’s open API architecture to combine Relo Census with their own in-house data to create highly targeted and customized datasets for tracking sponsorship investments and connecting this data to ad performance, ticketing sales, product sales lift, and improving deal flow in different markets.

Relo Census uses a straightforward UI design to guide users to meaningful insights and relevant case studies to demonstrate the data’s potential. The interface will be continually updated to add new functionality and maintain a dynamic and intuitive user experience, including interactive visualization, inline filtering for more granular data analysis, and automated insights using layered-on generative AI.

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