Relo Metrics Announces Partnership with Reading FC

Jan 11, 2024 1:05:00 PM News & Updates

Relo Metric's partners with Reading FC

Reading FC to Leverage Relo Metrics Advanced Analytics Platform to Deliver Sponsorship Insights and Data


READING, JANUARY 11 – Relo Metrics (formerly GumGum Sports), the leading AI-powered sponsorship analytics platform for real-time data decisions, has today announced an expansion of its measurement services with Reading Football Club to an official partnership, marking a significant expansion of its operations in the UK market. This collaboration, a first for Relo Metrics in the UK, is set to enhance the company's footprint in sports analytics while providing Reading FC with advanced tools to drive commercial growth.

Relo Metrics provides brands, agencies and teams with real-time data and better analytics for those who are managing the business of sports sponsorships. Under the agreement, Relo Metrics will enjoy heightened visibility and branding opportunities, with the company to feature prominently across Reading FC's sponsorship assets, both in-stadium and digital.

This development represents a new chapter for Relo Metrics' positioning, market presence and brand exposure, setting a new standard for their engagements in the sports sector in the UK and beyond. It follows the recent launch of Relo Census, a first-of-its-kind data set for sports marketing for rights holders, brands, agencies and media companies, with EMEA availability to be announced in the near future.

Central to this partnership is the application of Relo Metrics' advanced analytics platform, tailored to provide Reading FC with critical sponsorship insights and data. These analytics provide a dynamic benefit to the partnership team poised to drive commercial revenue and optimise growth opportunities for the club, marking a significant development in how sports analytics can influence the business side of football. The club anticipates significant benefits from leveraging Relo's cutting-edge platform, which it sees as a key driver in achieving its commercial objectives.

"We are delighted to announce this partnership with Reading FC, marking a significant milestone for Relo Metrics in the UK sports industry," said Rory Rigney, Commercial Director EMEA, Relo Census. "For Relo Metrics, this is an opportunity to not only elevate our brand but also to demonstrate the transformative power of our technology in driving commercial growth. We are committed to supporting Reading FC in harnessing data insights to optimise their operations and commercial strategies."

Tim Kilpatrick, Reading FC's Commercial Director, commented: "We are thrilled to expand our relationship with Relo Metrics. This partnership underlines our commitment to innovation and excellence, and by utilising Relo's analytics platform, we are confident in our ability to boost the  commercial reach of the club in the years ahead."


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